Kings of Convenience – Declaration of Dependence

It’s been three years since Riot on an Empty Street but at last here we have the third offering from Norwegian lo-fi heroes KoC. Sitting here on a perfectly horrid Sunday afternoon with the gales blowing and the rain a-lashing there seems no better music to listen to.

It’s a collection of unfailingly delicate and sensitive pieces, just two voices one steel string and one nylon string guitar and the very occasional snatch of viola or stand up double bass. The voices interweaving in a seamless way, the playing deft and accurate, nothing flashy or over-stated, the whole building a luscious sound-scape that lulls and cocoons, soothing away the horrors of the world outside.

The three years since the last offering haven’t seen them tack a hugely different tack stylistically or musically. These songs were apparently all written whilst out touring the world, written in concert halls and other on-the-road places, and they have attempted to capture that sort of reverby sound. Ok not music to rock out to, nor best suited for every situation, but given the right time and place, unbeatable.

KoC Myspace

KoC Website

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