Kitchens of Distinction

I have long harboured a fondness for KOD and especially the 1990 album Strange New World. I really don’t l know why they didn’t make it much bigger than they did, but their 10 year stint ran out in 1996.

They were genuinely ahead of their time (how often do you hear that?) but the swirling wash of guitars and vocal style wasn’t to see its like again until the advent of Interpol and more especially Editors, who took up the baton – whats that, almost 10 years after the demise of KOD.

A post on the blog Ryan’s Smashing Life reminded me of KOD again and helpfully gave a couple of jumping off points to follow, first through Braggin Billys Music Blog and then to the site of Patrick Fitzgerald the former singer/bass player and songsmith of KOD. Mr Fitzgerald now trades under the monicker Stephenhero ( James Joyce character I think?) and has been producing more music for the theatre and stage and again largely as a solo artist. From his site you can download a free EP that contains a couple of tracks not put on his recent CD ’57 Stars of the Air Almanac’ (no, I have no idea what that means but it reads well)

There are also a few, now slightly bizarre, but welcome vids on YouTube that bring back those jangly days of the early 1990’s including the brilliant ‘Quick as Rainbows’…

Stephenhero Myspace
KOD Myspace
KOD Youtube

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