It Hugs Back

I am afraid that I don’t know too much about these four lads who make up It Hugs Back – but the name alone makes them worth checking out. There is something rather endearing about their brand of indie/pop, the almost innocent sound they put out (that sounds a bit weird I know), the keyboards that remind me of the nasty things I mucked around with as a kid, the breathy vocals, the jangly guitars, all make it feel very ‘young’.

They now seem to be getting plaudits from all around so it seems these Kentish lads (or maybe lads from Kent, who knows) from my home town of Maidstone, are on their way. They are support to Wintersleep on some upcoming UK dates which will do them no harm, and their debut album, recorded at home and titled Inside Your Guitar, is out on 4AD records on 6th April. If the album is as good as singles like Other Cars Go it’ll be a jolly fine affair. A number of their previously released singles (in the flesh lovingly created with hand sewn covers and all) are available via iTunes.

Web Site 4AD
Myspace It Hugs Back
Web Site It Hugs Back

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  1. Mr Roert, you are extremely bad for the bank balance (but fab for the soul)… great sounds – went to itunes and bought the five singles (got a similar feel to TigersTT, in my humble)… Keep up the fine work, digging up these bands!

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