Elbow in Bristol

Bit slow off the mark on this post, but last Tuesday saw us at the Colston Hall again seeing friends Elbow for the third time in 12 months. By this time of course The Seldom Seen Kid is now the stuff of legend, the Mercury prize well under their belt and Mr Garvey et al are of course everyone’s favourite band from, oh heavens, years ago…

The audience was that rather unsettling mix of youngsters with a thinking brain, old gits like me who read something personal into every lyric and the those couples out for an evening in town who vaguely heard One Day Like This on Radio 2 sometime or other. Naturally it is these that get on my wick something rotten – not remotely interested in the support band, think its quite appropriate to talk through and over everything just like they would watching The Bill on TV, dressed up to the nine’s in their sub Top Shop garb and frankly only there to irritate the c**p out of me…. breathe out, count to ten …

Well the support was worthy of real attention – The Acorn delivered a great set from their Gloria Esperanza Montoya album, sounding tight, and in fact quite rocky for such a delicate set of songs. They would probably be better suited to a more intimate venue but they acquited themselves well, injected a bit of banter with the crowd and left having made some new priends, if there is any justice in the world.

The Elbow set was a pretty well established one now, but no worse for that. The four string players adding warmth and depth, the band rock solid and all clearly at the top of their game, and the staging a little more interesting than last time but nothing to distract you from the main interest.

Of course they played much of the current album but also some welcome stuff from the three previous albums including the majestic New Born. For many in the audience, and especially the male contingent it seems, found it an almost religious experience – even chaps up with us in the balcony. I hadn’t really twigged before what a strong male following they encourage – with followers knowing the words, the actions and revelling in the rare occasion to connect with some male sensitivity as delivered with aplomb by Guy Garvey. I do understand the almost religious overtones but mine must be a more introspective worship – my loss I fear.

A fine show, a great band with quality music and playing – who can deny them their well earned place a the top of the heap. Lets hope the polyester couples bog off to summat else next time.

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  1. Deeply green… A wonderful gig by the sounds. At the moment Elbow fills much of my day – love “bones…” constantly listening to them at work and humming during the rest of my life. If ever a gig materializes up my neck of the woods…!?! Keep up the sterling work!

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