The Mantles, These Monsters and Her Name is Calla

A couple of new chaps to me and a favourite putting out some new material.

The Mantles are a San Francisco bay bunch, proudly proclaiming their (or maybe their parents) record collection influences. They clearly fit alongside The Girls with this charmingly, and welcome retro, Yardbirds sort of stuff. It makes me feel like its 1969 all over again . the track Don;t Lie can be streamed or downloaded from Siltbreeze

These Monsters are a different kettle of fish. Leeds based they are an intriguing mix of
of early Gong saxophone, twangs of Hawkwind and something strangely orchestral in a post-rocky portentous sort of way. Reportedly a great live band – out playing with Mono, iLiketrains etc – they have this self made schlock gothic video to accompany a track from their album that is due for release at the start of March

Her Name is Calla I have been a Her Name is Calla fan since
first hearing the frankly monumental and magnificent Condor and River in all its 16 minute or whatever glory. They produce grand, cinematic and sometimes a bit gothic (here we go again) sounds. Having recently expanded into a six piece, the sound feels even more crafted, uncompromising and from the heart. They have a new three track EP, Long Grass, released prior to their debut album, that can be downloaded or purchased in one of its artistic formats from Denovali who are also streaming the frankly wonderful three tracks
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