Bonnie Prince Billy & The Cairo Gang – The Wonder Show of the World

I have been an occasional fan of Bonnie Prince Billy the nom de plume of Will Oldham but heard a track from this latest on an NPR podcast and it grabbed me. The Wonder Show of the World is basically a trio with Oldham, Emmett Kelly and Shahzard Ismaily.
There have been a few less than ecstatic but none the less positive review perhaps the most useful of which might be the Pitchfork review. For me its an almost sublime affair, not as bleak perhaps as earlier stuff, but not a barrel of laughs either. The sensitive playing highlights Oldhams vocals and the harmonies on some tracks are quite delicious, with sonic similarities on a few occasions to the Fleet Foxes harmonic style and hints of old Neil Young.
On a warm sunny Saturday afternoon with no-one else around this is a perfect accompaniment. here are some beautiful tracks here but the set seems to pivot around That’s What Our Love Is. Feels like this might well be one of the albums to come back to time and time again – fabulous.

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1 Response to Bonnie Prince Billy & The Cairo Gang – The Wonder Show of the World

  1. Hector Peebles says:

    I couldn't agree with your review more… I also listened to this on my own on a sunny Sunday morning and was blown away by the songwriting, singing and playing. By far the best album Mr.Oldham has released in a while…I know this album will get HEAVY rotation in my house…

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