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After what seems an age but is actually no time at all in their brief but blazing career, BBB have released their inaugural EP containing half a dozen tracks. Most have been around for a little while, all have undergone at least a little ‘refresh’ before being recorded and they sound duly bright and shiny as a result.

As befits an EP trying to capture the sound of a band in live setting there are no overdubs or additions and the tracks are laid down with a directness and urgency.  Although it would be hard to tell from their live shows, according to the interview from their short acoustic set for BBC Bristol Introducing, most songs start life as acoustic, almost folky pieces. Although the iPlayer version is probably no longer available, videos from this set can still be seen on the BBB Youtube channel.

The self-titled ‘Red’ EP as it might become known, is a package of the hand printed and assembled variety much beloved of artefact collectors like me. The CD itself comes enveloped in a lyric sheet strangely reminiscent of fish and chips from newspapers when such things were still allowed

Ieuan’s vocal abandon is a running thread throughout, alongside his punchy and driving drums. To my mind some of Ieuan’s best vocals are actually when he is more restrained, letting the instruments carry the punch and attack of the tracks. I tried rather in vain to recall another drummer/lead vocalist and got stumped around Phil Collins which I can’t imagine would be seen as any  sort of endorsement…

Dan’s bass provides the solidity and anchor for the most part and he lends his vocal chords to help flesh the harmonies out. Given the energy of the tracks the harmonies are surprisingly both well judged and delivered, adding a welcome subtlety where its needed.

The effervescent review of the EP from Live Music Scene likened Hectors guitar sound to that of Edge from U2. Now I am sure this wasn’t intended to insult but I know full well that a reference to the remarkable guitar of Tristan Dingemans now of Mountaineater and erstwhile of High Dependency Unit would have been both more accurate and more appreciated. Hectors array of pedals threatens to echo Dingemans astonishing sound, and early hints can be found amongst these tracks….. here’s looking forward to a bit more of that on future songs… Hector has now a well earned reputation for a certain recklessness and eccentricity to his guitar playing position and evidence can be found amongst the BBB pix on their FB site

Rumours are afoot that BBB are shortly off to record more tracks with a prospective second EP before the years end. This immediacy and direct-to-tape approach speaks of a band working to establish a critical mass; a repertoire to rely on. Here is a band winding itself up, with no time to waste, a band most vital in a live situation and trying to capture that fact. Despite the delicacy of some of the lyrical content sometimes hidden among the tumult, Bravo Brave Bats are about impact, immediacy, and intensity – music to be felt as much as heard

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