Wise Children – Two New Tracks


A snatched moment here to flag up two more top notch tracks from the enigmatically named Wise Children. They are both collaborations this time, first Why Did it Take You So Long with Jazz Morley and secondly After the  War with David Walter.

Robin Warren-Adamson aka Wise Children, has been frustratingly mean so far with his output, I know he has been finishing studies, moving and whatnot, but really!… I first encountered his work in November 2008 when he released his eponymous first EP, followed a while later with the slightly longer Absence and Reunion EP, both of which can be found on his Soundcloud site, and both well worth getting your hands on.

He will be supporting Ms Morley in Bath at the Chapel Arts Centre in Bath on June 14th and there are vague rumours of ‘bigger tings’ in the autumn – you can but hope there may  be an album and some dates of his own perhaps? His is music that reinforces the fact that its not state of the art, heavy handed ‘production’ that does the job – but quality song-smithing and performance.

Wise Children and David Walter – After the War

Wise Children and Jazz Morley – Why Did It Take You So Long

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  1. Like the song.. and the dog!

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