The Goodes ft Judie Tzuke – Solid Shoulders

David P Goodes

Judie Tzuke

A bit of hurried post this I am afraid, but the new (first too, I imagine) single from The Goodes featuring Judie Tzuke has just pierced my consciousness and scattered a little joy across the otherwise dull and listless Friday morning’s work.

Sorry to bang on again about it but Judie Tzuke has been there weaving her magic these last (cough, cough) thirty years or so, from my early courting days (that’s what we used to call it back in the day) right up to now, and last year we had the great good fortune and thrill to see her in Bristol. My few words on the occasion right here triggered my busiest ever blog visits day, so I am not alone in holding her dear.

Anyway, enough of that. The Goodes it seems are (or should that be ‘is’) David P Goodes (I am rather liking the ‘P’ which feels significant somehow) who has worked with Judie for a while it seems. Solid Shoulders has Judie’s vocals woven in and around the lush string arrangements, the drum machine and dance inflected under-currents.

In time honoured fashion the theme is lurvvve and Judie’s lyrics are their usual high standard, delivered with the insistence and drama that has characterised her performances from the earliest days. She is on Tony the Tiger-esque grrrrreat form here – totally nailed.

What a joy to have a new piece of material here, if tales are true and DJ’s are picking up on this, then maybe The Goodes and Judie will get some much deserved exposure and remind people what an extraordinary talent we have in our midst and how grievously under-rated has been her canon these last few years. Judie is recording a new album for which pre-orders can be placed in the shop to help the expensive process along (and maybe win a gold disc of the seminal Welcome to the Cruise).

A sample of Solid Shoulders is below and on the Big Moon Soundcloud. But the whole track can be bought for a mere 79 of your earth pence from itunes , oh and that Amazon as well – go buy and see if Mr Goodes and Ms Tzuke can get some well-earned success.

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