Respect – World of Fox

I am not always a big fan of covers but in the same way that I fell in love with The Czars covers album Sorry I Made You Cry, I have rather fallen for Simon Fox’s album of Eighties covers, Respect.

Released over the course of 2010 as one-by-one tracks and then, at the turn of the year, as a full album, here is a rather well chosen selection of Eighties tracks. Just recently two further tracks have been released, the result of giving two purchasers of Respect the chance to suggest a track each for Mr Fox to record as a coda for this project.

Mr Fox is part of that West Midlands coterie that includes James Summerfield (mentioned in dispatches here a couple of times and from whom we are awaiting the next album) and Scott Matthews (mentioned a bit more than a few times). There is a quality about the Fox voice that recalls the more tender and less strident aspects of Morrisey, with the same ability to imbue tracks with a wistful melancholia. He even manages to be successful in covering two of my most sacred of songs, Easter Parade by The Blue Nile and Let the Happiness In by David Sylvian. More obvious stalwarts of the Eighties such as Say Hello Say Goodbye and The First Picture of You are also delivered as something much better than mere parodies of the originals.

Given that we are a good eight months from the launch of this collection I have dragged my heels rather in mentioning this album, but it can still be obtained for a few measly quid from Where It’s At Is Where You Are as can others of the Fox oeuvre.

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