Earth Feet, Lifted – Umber

Clocking in at just a smidge over ten minutes the latest offering from Umber, aka Alex Steward, cannot be accused of outstaying it’s welcome. But they are ten minutes well worth investing in.

Of late as everything around me has gotten a bit more stressful and unsettling I have found myself returning to music of a slower pace, with a greater apparent simplicity, as an almost conscious antidote. These two Umber tracks have been among that music.

Parts 1 and 2 retain that vaguely drone-y, ambient flavour but this time the sound is more organic (even if much is electronic), the picked acoustic guitar on Part 1 makes it feel almost folky. Not that you need it, but you wouldn’t be surprised if a Jim Moray vocal appeared over the top. Gently developing, mesmerising and rather comforting. Part 2 continues the organic flavour but the main refrain has progressively more layers added to it whilst the underlying drone becomes more apparent.

There is a carefully judged simplicity here, an understated delight, peaceful and calming, two qualities on much demand from me right now. To be launched on 28th Nov, via net label Hawk Moon Records, I understand the curiously titled EP will be a free download (although I am sure a small donation would be welcome).

Earth Feet, Lifted, Part 1

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