The Night Country

Right-o, counter to my usual blogging activity this isn’t per se about music, although it  is related. Its about gig posters/artwork-y sort of stuff and in particular the work of The Night Country the nom de peinture of one Ross Peacey (@TheNightCountry).

I first saw Ross’ work in the poster for the forthcoming Empty Pools and Bravo Brave Bats gig (which I would encourage anyone who can to roll along to the Louie on 29th September).

I dropped Ross note saying how much I liked the poster, and Lo!, suddenly I got to see more of his stuff. Now coincidentally we seem to like many of the same bands which is serendipitous and, as is the way of the social media malarkey, I sort of feel that I know him though clearly I don’t know him from Adam.

Anyhoo, much past and present work of the Delphically named The Night Country can be found on his Flickr site and it is well worth a gentle stroll through the pages there, a-perusing of his work. When you do, leave the good fellow a few positive and encouraging comments – we all like a little positive feedback don’t we?

As you might expect Ross has a style that is distinctive, the screen print/lino cut stylee creating very sharp images, sometimes a little like those 1930’s underground posters of yore. I understand he is also a fan of some of the American poster people like Todd SlaterStrawberry Luna and Jess LeDoux. Personally I am especially fond of his recent Shearwater/Dinosaur Jr poster and the Moshi Moshi set. Mr Peacey is a bit coy about how anyone might get hold of any of his work (perhaps his whole residence is papered with original posters??) so perhaps we should gently badger him about making them available…

[Note: seems to me that young Mr Peacey may well have been part of Wolves of st August back in the day, whose stuff can still be streamed on Bandcamp]

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