Looming – Negative Pegasus

After a super ar*e of week I notice a little email poke from Simon at ilikepress encouraging me again to listen to Negative Pegasus so, ever obedient, I do and its just what the doctor ordered, a kick up the jacksy music.Top stuff.

I have a penchant for three pieces (nearly wrote three somes but that something different methinks), I love the fact that a three piece usually has to work hard to get the power out (thinking here of my beloved Bravo Brave Bats) and when they do there is nothing quite like it.

Hailing from my old stomping ground of Brighton, Carla Foss (drums), Todd Jordan, Richard Netley (both guitar and vox) pump out stuff which is simultaneously energising and oddly un-nerving. Ms Foss does wonders on the drums and the the guitar work is that wonderful mix of frantic, distorted, visceral sounds intertwined with loops and drones that build to a hard psych concoction.

You can feel the fervour with which they recorded the whole set, apparently laying it all down in some Sussex barn in just over seventeen hours – now that’s the way to get that super-econo approach so typified by the likes of Minutemen way back when (young @Binmouth will appreciate that !).

There is no way of getting away from the inherent urgency and drive that you get from that straight ahead, no nonsense tactic. Steffan Eliades has done wonders to keep the rawness but  to deliver it with an elegance that lifts it clear of just a raucous thrash.

I get pointed to a lot of drone inflected ambient driven (often beguiling and lovely stuff) but oh the joy to be directed at something altogether more gut wrenching! Looming is a great debut and available through Independent Music and streaming on Soundcloud, just bonkers enough to be wonderfully exciting, feedback covered, distorted and yet impulsive and urgent – totally made my week. Mmm how great would they be live then, eh?

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