Melt Yourself Down

Drat,Melt yourself down I had this post in hand way before they popped upon Jools’ Later this week but didn’t bang it out fast enough, hey ho.

I am knocked out by MYD and have been ever since I had to stop the car by the side of the road when Stuart Maconie played them on his Freak Zone one night. Fix Your Life (eye melting vid below) was like a blast of mountain air.

I have always been a sucker for over blown sax, careening rythmns and a bit of randon shouting,  and this charmingly mottley crew have all that in spades (Pete Wareham -Acoustic Ladyland, Polar Bear, Shabaka Hutchings – Sons Of Kemet, Heliocentrics, Tom Skinner – Hello Skinny, Sons Of Kemet, Mulatu Astatke, Ruth Goller  Acoustic Ladyland, Kushal Gaya – Zun Zun Egui, Satin Singh -Fela!, Transglobal Underground.

Its just so dang exciting and energising, I find it hard to believe that anyone could not be swept up and along with it all (apparently Mrs HC can’t – just sayin’). They engender that same excitement I had on first playing the God album by Rip Rig and Panic back in the day (well 1981 to be precise…blimey), go listen to Constant Drudgery is Harmful to Soul, Spirit & Health and maybe the connection comes over…

Anyhoo their up coming album has a couple or three tracks streaming on Bandcamp where you can also pre-order the album and some extra goodies.They are also out on the road including a date at Bristol Exchange on 21 June (anyone fancy preventing me be Billy no Mates?….). Like a smack in  the face with a cattle prod- in a nice way of course.

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