Boa Howl – Halves

Halves Boa Howl

Uber short post to flag up the fact that the entirely wonderful Halves have their latest album, Boa Howl, released on Hate is the Enemy Records, now available for pre-order via their special website. Available on vinyl and CD I can only urge you to rush along and snap one up for delivery around the 5th July release date (why must we wait so long?)

Their last album, It Goes It Goes, was a revelation to me and has given me more consistent pleasure than many an album and the opening track from Boa Howl, Drumhunter, suggests that this album will be stellar as well. Recorded in Gothenberg, Sweden, a fair step away from their native Dublin, it appears that they locked themselves away for 11 straight days to put down the album, and I for one can’t wait to get more of a listen than just the wonderful, but teasing single track. Boy, I love this band.

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