Patterns – Lifecycle

artworks-000062741885-u0ny27-t500x500 Lifecycle, apparently a London based trio made up of Geoff Dent on guitar and vocals Tish Austin, bass and Nick Holder on drums, popped out a single, Patterns at the end of November, as a precursor to their debut album slated for later this year. Despite a FB page and their own website/tumblr etc, plus what seems to be their own label, Ricochet Records, they feel a little hard to gather info about, still no matter.

They tag themselves as Alternative/Tribal which I guess is as good a tag set as any if you need one. In truth, based on this single and its ‘B’ side Lose Control (doesn’t ‘B side’ sound quaint…) they are a rather pleasing confection of slightly psychedelic/trippy guitar and vocals over jazzy beats and base lines – sort of Black Market era Weather Report colliding with the echoes of Gong and whiffs of early Hawkwind. Neither jazz nor rock nor electro but somehow a bit of all of that.

Tish’s email to me flags them as an independent band trying to do it for themselves, and as such of course deserve to be encouraged and supported. I can see a slew of dates last year and rather assume that there may be more this year to support the planned debut album. The Youtube clip shows them banging out Patterns in Hoxton last year, so their live capabilities are clear.

On a drear and dismal first of the year Patterns brightens up the day, reminiscent of sunnier and cheerier times, for which I can only be grateful. If Tish is as good as her word, she will keep me updated with news and progress in Lifecycle which I will be only too pleased to pass on and share – keep an eye out.

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