Small Tales – Accents


Some very kind people send me links to various bands and artists looking for a mention, a few words, a retweet or whatever it takes in this age of global corporate shebang to get some exposure.

Oft times these ‘indie’ labels are just affiliates of some crushing international label but sometimes they are from the real deal, like the poke I got from the wonderful Deep Elm (more of them later) about Albany, NY funsters, Accents.

Small Tales is a five track follow up to their full album Tall Tales building on their theme of insecurities and how, no matter how old you get, they still bug the life out of you (I think might have left the PR-script trail here, hope I am on the right lines!). But worry not, this is not some collection of angst-ridden, bedroom-doom nonsense for, Lo! here’s a band that can play and sing (TJ Foster has a fine pair of lungs indeed), and feel as though they have their own distinct path; huzzah for a bit of authenticity!

photo_561The five tracks here all have that same combination of americana, a whiff of old skool English folk (despite being determinedly US), a healthy bit of indie-style punch (especially in the guitar department) some spot on harmonies staying firmly the right side of cloying and some lovely Decemberist-esqe story telling. So a bit American, a bit British and more than a bit good…

Now Deep Elm. Hurry you along to their web site to browse their rather eclectic portfolio of bands – here is a proper indie label par excellence, and whats more right now you can grab any of their albums on a name-your-price basis. A label of passion and conviction, relying on the quality of its artists and their music and not a bunch of over-hyped puff, this is the stuff we all should support. If there is nothing here that excites you then presumably you have already passed to the other side….why not start the exploration with Accents and their fabby new Ep and rather splendid back catalogue?



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