Tied – Sun Drift

sun driftWhat a perfect thing to stumble across on this miserable Friday afternoon. Tied, this debut EP/mini album or whatever from the un-seasonably named Sun Drift came out at the back end of last year but its never too late to find a good thing.

The achingly young Zac Barfoot, for it is he, who is responsible for this little slice of deliciousness, has popped out five entirely gorgeous tracks with a polish and maturity that belies his tender years (annoying, isn’t it?). Written, played, recorded, mixed all on his own-some at home – gah , clever kids!

Amazingly accomplished; the lush and fine guitar work, the layered dreamy vocals and harmonies should all be product of warmer climes, rolling down the Pacific Highway or lazing in a high altitude meadow. But apparently the same can be the product of Silverdale in Lancashire, who would have thought it?

In his scant online information, Barfoot clearly lays out his influences and of course you find them here – but thats no crime, and especially when it results in such a totally delightful wee set as Tied.

This impeccable and elegant first outing is quite the thing, wrapping around me and shutting out the howling gale outside. Couldn’t wish for a better Friday accidental find.


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