Beauty in the Night – Seatraffic


Just a sneaky little post this – stumbled across these Seatraffic chaps and rather enjoyed. Apparently their album Beauty in the Night is due to be released soon here in the UK despite the fact that its already available on Bandcamp and presumably out in the States

A chirpy duo of Mark Zannad (keys and vocals) and Brandon Harrison (drums) are out of San Francisco and tag themselves ‘dream pop low-fi synth’ which should pretty much get you there.

I imagine there is quite a bit of Beach House in their playlist but you can’t blame them for that. The vocals are smooth and sultry, the keys suitably glitzy and bouncy, the drums well, they do the drum thing quite nicely thank you, and so all in all a very enjoyable, dare I say sexy, little set.

Lead off track Man on the Coast is a pretty neat way to start and so thats why its tacked on below. A propos of nothing at all, I can’t help liking a band that posts the same picture of themselves riding bikes but in different weather settings on the same road – don’t know why, I just found that rather endearing…. probably just me then…


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