Dysnomia – Dawn of Midi

DOMMy first proper exposure to DOM was their opening set for the recent Nils Frahm gig in Bristol. From the opening thrum thrum of the double bass it was a mesmerising and spellbinding experience. They played this new album Dysomnia from start to finish without a break or a word to the audience – just three chaps on stage: one on keys, one on double bass and the last on drums. It has been a long time indeed since I have been so excited by a new (to me) band, the hairs on my arms fair stood up.

The music swelled and grew, collapsed like a wave breaking on sand, counter rhythms coming together like a rip tide creating an new and single wave, repeated notes that flex and bend with the slightest addition changing the whole completely.

Quite an astonishing thing to witness, a music so all consuming and absorbing, so at odds with so much other music you hear but then again so apparently right.

All the tracks on the album are named after moons, some with Greek references (as much the result of the minds of those who named them as anything else), and to be honest I have no idea why they should have chosen this as the theme for naming tracks, but it matters not.

The three chaps; Aakaash Israni on bass, Amino Belyamani on piano and Qasim Naqvi on drums, are Brooklyn based, and use North and West African rhythms to build an astonishing mix of sounds. Their own personal musical references litter the set, each identifiable in many-a place but the resultant melting pot is a wondrous thing.
The set has been my companion on two long  (uncomfortable) 10 hour plus flights and has saved me not only from dismal movies but also the mind twisting boredom of such travel. Instead I have immersed myself in these tracks, becoming familiar but still surprised at every turn. This is not easy music for sure, but it handsomely repays attention and a modicum of effort and the rewards are extensive

Another excellent addition to the Erased Tapes roster this an album of complex, intelligent music would be a valuable addition to anyone’s music library – but should you get a chance to see them live then go! it is even more astonishing to hear music like this being performed – MOD are a fascinating and compelling band indeed. Ye Gods and little fishes, this is good.


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