Dietro a un vetro – Giulio Fagiolini


a0997660413_16Increasingly I find myself taking refuge in music that gives me access to that zen-like space that I find when swimming or running, a space for clarity and focus. There are, I admit, times when I embrace the fuzzy, buzzy and the disruptively energising, but Giulio Fagiolini’s (debut?) album Dietro a un vetro (Behind a Glass, if my limited Italian is anywhere near right) runs over me  like the waters of the Dart on a summer day.

Ian Hawgood (who did the mastering here), from the altogether splendid Home Normal label, reminds us all that there is a welter of piano based music nowadays, and unfortunately not all of it escapes that insipid and unsatisfying category of people jumping on a trend.

Fagiolini doesn’t fall into that trap, and this (short) suite of tracks, whose simplicity belies their depth, is a sparkling example of how wondrous a solo piano can be. The spaces between the notes are full of intent, the playing light and assured, the melodies fresh but somehow familiar, I have played this countless times now and each time I am wrapped up in its charms.

Really there is little more I can say apart from go listen, and do listen, it repays attention and time, be ‘present’ with it and let it weave its magic… oh and go buy a copy too, we all need music of integrity, the young Tuscan pianist and the label would be happy people!

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