Guillemots at Bristol

I think that this was probably our fifth time of seeing Guillemots – including Oxford Zodiac (RIP), Cardiff Uni and Bristol Academy,(not quite sure why I feel a slight twinge of embarassment here). Been a fan since first hearing them on a snippet on a KCRW/Radio 1 podcast for new music. The early (well 2005) stuff, Made Up Lovesong #43 and I Saw Such Things in my Sleep got me hooked, and the later We’re Here (see vid below) – none of which now appear on their Myspace site unfortunately

They have always had a mix of solid pop song drive with some more odd components, a satisfying mixture for me. Fyfe has a good ear for a tune and his colleagues are fine musicians (with Arista being a Stroudie adds some local colour as well – like Eamon Hamilton from Brakes and Tom Smith from Editors)

Whilst I enjoyed the show, and especially the later portions, the band seemed a little ragged on ocassions – a bit like running down a hill together, and Fyfe’s vocals weren’t as sharp as he has been – a new propensity to a shouty style didn’t help

But some of the stuff from the latest album Red seemed better on stage than on disc (my lad reckons they’d be better off with a more live sound on recordings but then he likes stuff a little ‘rockier’) and a fine verison of Sao Paulo wrapped it up with fevered activtiy all around and especially from Mr Drum man

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