High Dependency Unit

I am indebted to young Hector Peebles for this stuff. A kiwi band that is hardly new – back to the late 90’s at least and without a prodgious output. High Dependency Unit – HDU claim to be a bit metal, a bit psychedelic, a bit rock and twist of ambient – seems about right to me. Oddly reminiscent of Mono on ocassions they make an exillerating sound

Its a real shame that their stuff isn’t available over here – big H has been trawling the web to amass his collection of which EP’s Momento Mori and Higher are personal favourites. Some stuff can be bought via Smoke CD’s in NZ

They have new album coming out/is out not sure which – Metamathics, a slug of which is in the vid below. Metamathics: (n) (short form of ‘metamathematics’)
The investigation of the properties of realities intrinsically unknowable by and from our own, but whose general principles can be hazarded at.

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  1. Ahhhh!!! At last I’ve finally found some KAHU stuff (singer of HDU’s solo stuff…). All reviews say it’s even louder than HDU (possible?) and very spaced out…sounds perferct…!Check out this and this…

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