Someone Should Say ‘Yes’ to Simon Says No!

Well a little bird tells me – actually a young chap called Dany – that SSN! will have an EP out in ’09 (probably on download). Young Dany (everyone is young compared to me – sob) tells me he is the UK and US manager for the bouncy young Norweigans, so more power to his elbow.

I mentioned earlier that they bring back memories of early Hawkwind ( which may or may not be good news for the guys) and listening again to their Myspace stuff I am still struck by this, especially ‘Peak’. Not sure if its intentional but I find it all rather uplifting stuff, a bit like walking along a hill ridge in a strong wind – makes you want to take flight … enough now… Suffice it to say their fuzzywuzzy wall of guitar sound and insistent drum work is doing it for me right now.

It appears that amongst other things Dany runs a blog called Exitfare andI imagine that anyone wishing to give these Oslovians (?) a leg up ( may be a little gig on Bristol would be nice, hint hint!) could contact him through that route. Mr D also seems to contribute to the intriguing Stranded in Stereo blog and their similarly named website – I imagine that the offer of a free CD/DV’s is only limited to US subscribers which is a shame if entirely understandable.

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