Wooden Birds and Tigers That Talked

I was a fan of American Analogue Set (AmAnSet to their friends) and was sorry only to have caught them just prior to their desolving. But from the ashes, or rather with one of the AmAnSet founders Andrew Kenny, comes Wooden Birds. Kenny’s vocals are indeed recognisable from previous days, including a stint in Broken Social Scene that I had missed, and now he has some extra mates along in the form of Chris Michaels, David Wingo, Leslie Sisson, and Michael Bell. An album, Magnolia, is due out on Morr Records in Europe early this year. I am endebted to Burn the Bowery for bringing Wooden Birds to my attention…

Once again I must give thanks to another blog, Dany Sloan’s Exitfare, for mention of Tigers That Talked (how does a chap ‘loafing’ in the Californian sunshine get to uncover so many British artists that are just under the rader – he must indeed be an avid Anglophile). The charmingly named Tigers hail from that current swirling mass of creativity that seems to be Leeds, but sound rather different to what I normally ascribe to that fair city – this isn’t so much crashing agsty youth noise, but a much more layered and interesting affair, likened to bits of Elbow and faint edges of Arcade Fire… well we’ll see… But their single 23 Fears has already grabbed the ears of Steve Lamacq and Zane Lowe so presumably their star is in the ascendant. Currently in the studio recording their debut album seems the Tigers might be well worth watching out for
Myspace AmAnSet
Myspace Wooden Birds
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2 Responses to Wooden Birds and Tigers That Talked

  1. Dany says:

    Hey Robert — thanks for the kind words.Leeds is overflowing with talent right now — there really is something in the water…or Yorkshire pies.I’ll be in the country on 22/23 of this month. Arthur is playing in Bracknell — you should skip work and go!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful voice! liked it (how’s that for indepth critique!?!?!)

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