Sometimes I feel a bit like a sad old junky looking for the next good hit – but in my case on the hunt for another band that does ‘it’ for me – you know, like when you first really heard The National and you knew it was going to be a lasting love affair?

Well maybe this is the next one – Wintersleep have sort of been on the edge of my radar for a bit but I didn’t take time to look them over. These Canadians have apparently been around for a couple of albums but the newest, Welcome to the Night Sky, according to some like The Line of Best Fit, sees them ‘regrouped and re-launched themselves’.

Well whatever they have done it all sounds pretty damned good to me. The album is out here now/shortly under 147 Records (although their web presence is ‘enigmatic’ to say the least) and they have a few UK dates which sadly I can’t get to.

Tracks like Oblivion is a cracking piece and maybe many will first get a hook from Wintersleep from Weightly Ghost (although its not a personal favourite, it is immediately accessible and dare I say, catchy). The UK single is apparently Archaelogists but it is tracks like Search Party that shimmer and attact for me.

Despite the post-rock tag and the faint hint of bands like REM, U2 when they were young and good, Wintersleep produce some life-affirming, ‘up’ and glorious sounds that are all their own and a welcome intrusion into my recent introspective obsessions – result!
Wintersleep “Oblivion” from Joshua Rainhard on Vimeo.

Wintersleep Myspace
Wintersleep Website
Line of Best Fit blog
147 Records blog

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