Fang Island

There is something just so undeniably ‘up’ about Fang Island. Alerted by the ever reliable Steve Lamacq blog, how come these Rhode Islanders haven’t come to light before? Mr Lamacq’s post gives all the info you might need and of course more is on their tumblr blog/website and the rather redundant Myspace (Myspace being redundant not the band you see)

Rather helpfully the whole of their new  (well not all that new really (earlier this year) album is streamed off part of their blog so it can all be given a jolly good listen to.

They are a very pleasing mish-mash of influences – bits of prog, a bit of rock, a twang of Rush and Queen here and there along with more ‘now’ sounds of Spoon or Modest Mouse. Well the Pitchfork review covers it all off very nicely so little point reinventing the wheel.

But what a change to have a set of music that feels positive and uplifting in a joyful, fun sort of way. The vid for Daisy captures the off centre, joyously odd feel about it all. Bet they are fun live…

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