Bravo Brave Bats on the radio

The joyfully noisy buggers that are Bravo Brave Bats have gone all folky  and introspective on the BBC Bristol Introducing programme, originally aired at an horrific 1am or something, it can still be listened to on iPlayer for a while yet – the Bats three songs come along at around 1h30 so scoot through the rest of the stuff smartish.

It seems (if you believe them!) that the songs are originally created in an acoustic way but later get the ‘treatment’ . All three tracks sounded good to me, rather delicate flowers in this sort of setting. An unwary listener to them like this would be a tad surprised at a more regular show…

The ever enterprising Hector has of course filmed the set and dumped the studio audio feed in favour of his own audio and the three vids are on the Bats YouTube channel. The vid below is of Pedalling.

The chaps are out on a mini tour, I believe with a few hand assembled versions of their debut EP… Oct 6th Bath St James Wine Vault, Oct 8th Bristol The Croft, and Oct 9th Falmouth Miss Pea Pods. They are out with the rather good Tesselators and Trelawny ( ex Hundred Handed) both of whom are held in high regard by young Hector. Sadly none of these are for me this time but they are the Louisiana in Bristol on Nov 13th which might be a ‘goer’.

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