Judie Tzuke – Bristol St Georges

I have fallen back in love with @judietzuke. That’s not to say I was ever out of love just that all the new and shiny singers, bands and songs tug you away and sometimes a little jolt is needed to bring you back. Mrs H-C and I had just such a jolt last night at the Bristol St George’s show of Judie’s current tour – a show in equal measures of nostalgic memories and fine new material.

Along with countless others Judie’s music was the sound track to Mrs H-C  and I falling in love so many years ago, the soundtrack to illicit weekends in Macclesfield (sorry I know that’s not too romantic a location but that’s how it was!) stolen evenings of toast and pate by the fire, and .. oh enough, you get the picture.

I must admit to some trepidation rolling up to the show – really, how is this going to be now after thirty years, despite having some of the newer material  will it really stand up against those songs so heavily invested with memories of our formative years and early passions?

David Saw was on first and a fine singer he is, a great voice, nicely crafted songs delivered with a relaxed informality that set the audience at ease. Why haven’t I heard of Mr Saw before?…. maybe listening in the wrong places.

Judie’s daughter, Bailey followed up with her sister Tallulah on backing vocals and much of Judie’s band supporting (is it right or fair to have so much talent in one family? Just wondering…) We heard Bailey once before supporting Rufus Wainwright at Colston Hall and the Girl was much smitten and the early CD single has had a lot of play from her bedroom. Bailey too has a fine voice and has matured since we saw her first. I wonder is it a help of hindrance to be physically and vocally so reminiscent of her mother back in the day? Well she deserves her own success, I am sure it will be hers.

It has to be said that Judie’s band are a fine bunch, they really rocked! Never expected that to be honest – some scorching guitar, fine drumming and keys and bass-tastic sounds from @jimmyplaysbass who deserves just a little more on stage luuurve IMHO !

Judie is famously anxious about performing which is a shame because she has no need – she is in very fine voice indeed, crystal clear, no need for key changes to accommodate the passing years, brilliant. The Bristol crowd were of course wildly enthusiastic as they should be, the newer songs as strong as anything from back in the day – If and Submarine Boy from the latest Moon on a Mirrorball collection, Secret Agent, One Minute oh and all the others, great stuff. Of course some of the classics drew the greatest applause – come Hell or Waters High, Sukarita and of course Stay With Me… magical. The unaccompanied delivery of For You by Judie and her two daughters left many misty-eyed.

Indeed I must admit to a little emotion myself. But not just as might have been expected because of the nostalgia kick but for the whole kit and caboodle – wonderful songs,  well played and performed without the jiggery-pokery that some people need, just talent, quality and songsmithery (is that a word?) The durability of these songs a testament to the fact that fad and fashion are seldom synonymous with longevity . Playing through the Moon in a Mirrorball suite only confirms what strength and quality there has been across the years, an undervalued British songwriter and performer, still showing what it takes to write good songs –  look, listen and learn.

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2 Responses to Judie Tzuke – Bristol St Georges

  1. Graham Cooke says:

    Excellent comments – it was a brilliant evening’s entertainment. David Saw and Bailey far surpassed my expectations and Judie was just sublime. The voice that has haunted me for 30 years is still as evocative as ever – such power and precision, warmth and passion. Great songs delivered by a great songstress. Why does she not get the attention and praise that she so richly deserves. I know that we were the lucky ones last night. Can’t wait for the 2011 tour!!

  2. Nigel W says:

    Yeah… what Mr, H-C said!
    An excellent review, the eloquence of which I couldn’t hope to replicate. But I would just like to say that, although I have been a little bit slow to get into the whole gig thing, I have now seen three of Judie’s shows (including the last one at St. George’s), and this was the best. My humble opinion, of course, but I may not be alone judging by the standing ovation at the end.

    “I Will” and “Sportscar” were my personal favourites along with the amazing family-only rendition of “For You” – how long before Tallula follows her Mum and big sister into the Business? I think Tallula may be 16 now, although with her slight build looks somewhat younger…. but being petite and very pretty never hurt Kylie, did it?!

    And a brief word on David Saw – no offence to Ben Mark and others from the past, but he opened the show brilliantly with his “Your Boyfriend’s a Wonderful Guy” (I hope that is right) which got everyone on his side straight away, and later showed his versatility with the upbeat “Buy My Record” – I will be trying to get his CD(s) online, as our local cash machine wasn’t working when we left home and we didn’t have enough cash with us last night – doh!

    Finally, a big “Thank you” to Judie and all the gang for a great evening 🙂

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