Rebekka Karijord – The Noble Art of Letting Go




So far 2011 is proving to be a year,well OK a couple of weeks as it stands, of delicious sounding female vocalists (a couple of posts to come on some other examples)

Rebekka Karijord is a Norwegian artist living in Stockholm, with a number of albums under her belt already, but this splendidly titled offering, The Noble Art of Letting Go, is my introduction to her, and thanks to @hernameiscalla for the heads up (the fair Sophie if I am not mistaken)

Rebekka is the possessor of one of those crystal clear voices with an intimacy and strength so lacking in many of the more mainstream screamers ‘de nos jours’. You really don’t have to shout your head off to intimate emotion, often the reverse is more true, and certainly this collection of songs prove that. The emotion here is contained in both the lyrics and the razor sharp delivery and has its source in exposing the pain and problems we all experience but here laying bare very personal experience.

It’s always a bit invidious making comparisons between one artist and another but (here we go) Karijord brings to mind a melding of such diverse artists as Bjork (perhaps from the tonal quality and occasional unexpected vocal twists) , the perennial Judie Tzuke (the song-smithing and subject matter) and jazz artists Patricia Barber (the quality of the  piano playing).

Karijords experience with writing music for theatre and dance can be felt throughout; the flow and sense of movement. Songs like the title track and Dead on My Feet would be great soundtracks for dance routines

It would sound perhaps a little insulting to say that this collection sounds a bit old fashioned, perhaps better to say ‘classic’ – quality songs delivered with sparkling skill and musicality – none of the idiotic tricks and fripperies so loved by many ( perhaps more like ‘needed’?) – intimate, with a ‘closeness’ that would expose the cracks and flaws of less crafted work. Wear it Like a Crown, below, is a microcosm of all that is good about Karijord.

 Rebekka Karijord – Wear It Like a Crown

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