Operation Rolling Thunder – III


Operation Rolling Thunder was the name of a long and sustained aerial bombardment against North Vietnam between 1965 and 1968 and is the chosen name of this New Zealand two piece, and with good reason.

Brothers Adam and Rob Falconer, now of Dunedin, recorded this album in three days alongside Dale Cotton (producer of HDU stuff) back in 2007 and it has sat languishing (maturing?) for a few years until it was finally released at the end of 2010 via Monkey Killer Records, a vinyl only label in NZ ( they will sell you a copy, together with a download code, for a mere 35 NZ dollars).

The ever reliable Peeblemeister brought this to my attention, ardent fan as he is of HDU and especially hero worshipper of Tristan Dingemans, who truly has produced some of the most astonishing guitars sounds. Not to say that ORT  are an HDU look-a-like, but the guitar sound is so redolent of that Dingemans wall of noise, it is obvious that guitarist Falconer shares a passion with the Peeblemeister.

That only two people can produce such a monumental sound is amazing, that it doesn’t end up as some cacophonous mess is all the more so. Drummer Falconer provides some really rather amazing, pinpoint sharp, dynamic drumming that propels the tracks along.

Thanks are due to the Off the Cuff sessions from NZ Radio 1 for the rather fine live video of Behaviour in the Presence of Strangers. Alas, alack I  fear, like HDU,  we will never see them this side of the globe, so we will have to make do with this…energising and exciting stuff indeed.

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