Bravo Brave Bats – Grain Barge

I promise to shut up about Bravo Brave Bats for a bit now, but before I do, a few words and some grainy pix to mark their support slot for EJ Esau at the Grain Barge last eve hot on the heels from their show at the Thekla.

Now the Grain Barge is no Thekla despite it being a boat, more ‘intimate’ (aka small) and the PA kit is all a bit flaky but the chaps put in their usual energetic performance despite being contained on a bijou sized stage.

No crowd mingling for Hector tonight but Dan, the bass maestro, for a change wasn’t tucked away behind the speakers and so he could throw a few rock star poses. He really does play some fine stuff, the rock that underpins all that they do, and a bit of an unsung hero IMO.

The half hour set whizzed past at a rate of knots, opening with the great Hymn cruising past 1000 Things, Robots among others. Of course the monumental The Great Outdoors was in there – I have said it before, but its such a  bloody good track, it really is. They ended up with Final Song which of course is a fine song and also sounds like it should end a set, but I can’t help feel that it might be better to leave on a sonic and energy high, still its not my call and it is a track that shows their more sensitive side!

There can be few bands who put out such a consistently high energy and propulsive live set as BBB and they grow in stature at every turn. If you still haven’t seen them (and yes I am talking to you Bas and IDS!) then sort yourself out and run along as soon as you can.

OK that’s it on BBB for a while, the things I do to get a cheap ticket…  (like that’ll ever work !)

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