A Sense of Uncertainty – Good Weather for an Airstrike


Its not much of a secret that I have been a fan of Tom Honey’s Good Weather for an Airstrike project for quite some time. I have doodled on these ‘pages’ for his LightsUnderneath the Stars and A Summer EP’s and now his latest, A Sense of Uncertainty.

This new outing is quite simply the best so far; quite lovely, atmospheric, cinematic even and yet with more of an edge to it.

Toms music is developing in leaps and bounds and its a treat to see how it is growing and maturing in even these last eighteen months since A Summer first came to my attention.

The backward loops, field recordings and drones now assume a rightful place in the tracks, supporting and embellishing the ever-more memorable and haunting melodic themes that run through.

A Sense of Uncertainty (despite its brief twenty one minutes!) has a great feeling of balance and symetry to it, an odd completeness, it just feels right. Although it is one of the shorter tracks and next to last in the running order, Are You OK? is my standout track from the EP, a strain of tension laced through the lush production, one ofmy favourite pieces Tom has so far created.

The EP is out via Rural Colours and on download (make sure you for it now!) on the GWFAA Bandcamp site. Being idiotic and slow I missed getting one of the few physical copies and so must make do with the DL.

Lovely work Mr Honey, I hope you are proud of this most excellent suite of music.

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