Lord of Sumo – Mountaineater

Mountaineater sumoNow here’s the way to wake up on a Saturday, a new track, Lord of Sumo, from the self-proclaimed ‘sonic face melt’ Mountaineater. Sumo is a track from debut album due at the end of September on Banished from the Universe records.

Mountaineater came about after the demise of High Dependency Unit with the extraordinary  Tristan Dingemans on guitar producing the most wonderful noise. Aided and abetted by the equally amazing Chris Livingston (drums) and Anaru Ngata (bass and guitar), the trio manage to produce a truly epic sound,reflective of the scale and grandeur of their native New Zealand.

Visceral, gut wrenching and dense their music is none the less transcendent and soaring stuff and probably the best place to have a listen is their Soundcloud site. Lord of Sumo carries on the (short) tradition, opening with the punishing drum and bass lines that continue throughout, but quickly taking flight with the characteristic squirl and distortion of Dingemans guitar.

Ah a thing of brutal beauty. How many bands try for this sort of intensity and energy, and how many fall short. I witness from afar  a few gigs in NZ and wonder just what an experience they would be live…. maybe we could start up a little pledge fund to get  them over here, how great would that be ?

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