Prisms – 65daysofstatic


Rather shamefully 65DoS never really broke through for me, I am not at all sure why especially as they toured around back in the day with the much loved and missed Forward Russia and Youth Movie Soundtrack Strategies.

Still these things happen, but Lo! into my inbox drops this, Prisms, the ‘single’ from their soon to be released next album Wild Light on 16 September (coincidentally my Pa’s birthday… I wonder if he would like a copy?….) and up for pre-order from their merch site.

Well there will be countless others better informed than I on all things 65DoS but Prisms has a remarkable production and a sound that builds from its early keyboard intro to add layer on layer of guitar, percussion and other sounds that combine to create a veritable tsunami of sound, sweeping you along, before it sinks back into something rather more serene. An entirely gorgeous track and available for free download.

All rather uplifting for a newbie like me, and perhaps so also for those better acquainted to the delights of 65DoS?

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