Who Do Yo Love – Hats

10687212_294282214107550_8996806642190773916_nA little over a year ago a couple of young whippersnappers from Ayrshire dropped me a line including a link to some tracks they had put down and I scribbled a few lines about Hide Away at the time.

Time rolls by and the same rascals (John and Garry by name) move to Manchester and here we are again with a teaser for another track, Who Do you Love, a (tantalisingly short) preview of which is available through Soundcloud and below. Apparently they are aiming to release it as an EP later this autumn alongside a couple of other ideas as well, perhaps via their association with We Are The Future.

The song writing, always a strength, has developed even in twelve short months, and emulates their range of musical references. Fellow Scots, The Blue Nile, are perhaps the most immediate sonic connection – the vocals (no mean comparison by the way), the chiming guitars, lush ‘string’ arrangements and the general arc and curve of the tracks.

Having listened several times to the whole track (go on chaps, put the whole thing up for everyone to listen to!) I am still surprised at how mature and rounded the sound now is, how soaring it can be, how fully formed.

If the other ‘ideas’ they have for the putative EP are as good as this, it will be a thing well worth looking out for. OK I’m off now, I’ll get my Hats…(sorry)

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