Jejeune/Selene – Tamu Massif

tamu-852x550Oh me oh my, I am totally obsessed with this track, Jejeune/Selene, and indeed the three others I can find on Soundcloud by Tamu Massif, aka Dave Dixon. Mr Dixon appears to be from Weston-super-Mare and this slice of blissful heaven is apparently released (although I have no idea how you actually get it) on Bristol new label Chiverin. I know practically nothing about Mr Dixon/Tamu Massif (but I do know that  Tamu Massif is a submarine shield volcano in the Pacific), except that Tamu was once three but is now just one (geography problems it seems). However his voice reminds me of Andrew Bird and the guitar work of early Vini Reilly – job done, match made in heaven for me. Languid, hazy-summery (despite the howling gale outside), a vibe and a quality here which makes me feel decidedly a-OK (no mean feat right now, let me tell you). Oh for a bit more of this stuff, four little tracks is nowhere near enough Mr Dixon, but what joy they are, delicious, like honey on toast.

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