Alba – Tamu Massif

Alba-EP-CoverThis guys’ music just makes me feel so good – Dave Dixon aka Tamu Massif has released his first EP, Alba via Chiverin, fine purveyor of new toons and stuff from the Bristol area. I have waxed lyrical (or the closest I can get) before when JeJeune/Selene was released a few weeks ago.

That fine track is contained here along with three more, St Isidore, A Fate Much Worse (embedded below) and Delphine; the EP can be bought for a few measly quid from Music Glue and you would verily be a fool not to get a copy.

Its all swooney guitars, samples and the most chilled of beats, but above it all is Mr Dixon’s rather special voice, distinctive in an age where so few are. The effect is dreamy, melodic, totally entrancing and sweeps me away, for its short 16 minutes, to an altogether better place.

Should this tickle your fancy then pop along to his Soundcloud site for the few extra tracks that lurk over there. I am very happy indeed that Alba has slipped though my mail box, it is quite, quite blissful – all power to Mr Dixon and here’s hoping more of this sort of delight won’t be too long in coming.


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