Swimming – Tessellators

SwimmingOh dear, a hopeless case of over-produced, auto-tuned dribblings; the inevitable triumph of demographic driven, guitar-bothering vacuity.

Sorry… One, Two, Three and …’back in the room’…. I was thinking of someone else entirely. Now where was I? Ah yes, a welcome batch of new Tessellations. You could never level the accusations above at this bunch of young fella-me-lads. I have a massive soft spot for all the outputs of Tessellators (and indeed Hundred Handed back in the day – btw some other imposters have jumped up and nicked that excellent moniker now… tsk) and each time new material comes around I seem to say the same things… ooh its been a while, this is even better than the last thing; that sort of thing (I know ‘cos I checked).

But truly, this is their best yet. Swimming is a six number, twenty five minute set, out now on (their own?) Since Records Began Records (yes, very smart) and available, with the rest of their oeuvre, via the Bandcamp page for a scandalously small amount of cash.

tessellatorsIn a “and Then There Were Three’ Genesis-post-Steve Hackett sort of way, Tessellators are now just Dan Barrett, Ben Beare and Alex Norman following the departure of the fine Moh Rahman (who still played on this set). To coin a phrase the six toons here are indeed a Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy affair, perhaps more immediately accessible than before, but without losing compelling, slightly quirky, flavour of before. I am especially fond of their ability to make it all sound just a little like they rocked up, played and popped it onto tape, that slight sense that it has the merest whiff of running away with them.

Always ones for a touch of ‘concept’ in their sets – see the super-hero themed Harvest of Sorrows or the splendid The City/La Ciudad – this one has, perhaps thankfully, a slightly looser concept of swimming, wild water swimming and a dash of exotic hotel pools (someone has been on holiday I suspect). The drums and bass throughout are quite excellent, driving it along at a fair lick and the whole affair has a sense of urgency and purpose. Invidious I know to have favourites from a set but Pier to Pier and Marina Bay Sands are especially fine offerings here in my opinion.

Ah one day I might get to see them bang a out a couple of tunes, but as they seldom venture far from that London I guess the periodic surfacing of some material will have to do, and Swimming will do very nicely thank you – to miss quote the poet, Not Drowning But Waving.





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