Holding Back – Tamu Massif


Oh my, I have bleated on about this chap before. Mr Dixon/Tamu Massif just does it for me – every now and again he drops a new track or two and occasionally, like last year, a whole EP like the intoxicating Alba.

So we should be thankful that another little slice of wonder has appeared in the form of Holding Back which can be streamed from his Soundcloud pages along with more of his magic, or alternatively download for free from his Tumblr site – whichever way you get to it, just do.

Another track with the trademark layered sounds, the bits of loop and digital bips and blips plus some carefully judged electronica and his his distinctive voice riding along on top. Like a song forming out of smoke, it swirls and shifts, morphing and developing until it  holds its form. Its all far too sophisticated and delicious for such as young whippersnapper, but like all his material so far it sends me to a place of calm and comfort. Quite superb.

Oh and he is out and about on tour too, find the dates here, so go here it live, its just as infectious and rewarding as it is on record.

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