Talk Baby – Matt Elleray

a0375860579_16A short little email announced Talk Baby, a ‘new’ish’ track according to the message from Matt Elleray. The picture of an apparently dissolute young feller-my-lad might lead to you to expect some God-awful white urban gangsta tosh, but not a bit of it.

An enticing combination of late night/early morning desperation, guitar that bleeds seamlessly from Vini Reilly to funked up whah whah smooch and a voice that surely belies his tender years.

Mentions of  Lake Windermere and reference to Silverdale  on his Bandcamp page made me wonder about what must be an inevitable connection with the wonderful Sun Drift aka Zac Barfoot – Silverdale can’t be home to these two chaps without them knowing each other.

Well, whatever, Talk Baby, and the accompanying Not In Love are shiny nuggets of goodness and I for one would like to hear some more – deceptively simple, dark but enveloping. Thanks for getting in touch, enigmatic Mr Elleray.


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