Say Goodbye – Ehrnman/Pearson

Say GoodbyeThis popped into view today, a day of some silent sadness, when Say Goodbye is a very appropriate thing to say.

Ehrnman/Pearson are a Kansas City based duo with this (debut ) two-tuner surfacing via the wonderful Russian Winter Records.  Nathanial Ehrnman has baritone guitar duties and his partner in crime Erik Pearson provides vocal and guitar.

There is a rawness and lack of affectation here that quite hits the spot today. Qualities that I suspect the (now, tragically) late Scott Hutchinson of Frightened Rabbit would have appreciated. There are many who would have wished the chance to Say Goodbye to Scott before he decided to leave us.


The lead song here is backed with the rather lovely, if too brief, instrumental Juniper Breaks with its picked guitar and echoes of the southern guitar tradition a la John Fahey. Indeed there is unmistakable and welcome scent of Mr Fahey across both tracks here. I have been back listening to the incomparable Daniel Bachman of late, and so Messrs Ehrnman and Pearson fall right into my current listening choices. I look forward to hearing more from them, two tracks is too brief and tantalising!


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