The Great Untold – Scott Matthews

ScottScotts music has been a thread woven through my last eleven years or so, since I first heard him at the end of 2006 and played the first album to pieces over a summer in France. His remarkable voice, his playing and the quality of his songwriting have remained a music refuge, a haven in these uncertain times.

I have jotted words here on many occasions and one of my earliest posts was about a hometown gig for him in Wolvo. It’s true that over the years there, for me at least, been an odd stutter with some albums, but the live shows never cease to be a joy and the ideal way to enjoy this rarest of talents.

Another successful PledgeMusic campaign led to the release of this latest album, The Great Untold. Surely a sign simultaneously of the enduring affection in which his fans hold him, and the wretched state of the music ‘industry’ which looks for the latest sugar-rush of a one off track here or there and an apparent disinterest in nurturing and sustaining talent for the long term.

This album, as promised back when Scott first proposed it, is a more stripped back affair, predominantly voice and guitar and redolent of much of his live work. Its a suite of calm intensity, with a warmth of heart, introspective without being maudlin, hopeful echoes from a man pausing before the next great adventure or parent-hood.

Despite its immediate appeal, especially hunkered down here on this wet and cold April day, it reveals added layers and nuance with each listen, the care and attention of the recording and production drifting out to meet you as you give it more attention and relax into its sound.

Shimmering and sumptuous, I couldn’t be happier that this album is as good as it is, its  like an old mate hitting his stride again and I look forward to hearing it live in the next few weeks.

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