Anyway – Immigrant Union


Love at first sight (or in this case, listen) is a dangerous thing; sometimes just a fleeting infatuation, like eating too many chocolate buttons too quickly, leaving you a bit queasy.

But that’s not going to be the case here with Anyway, the second outing from Immigrant Union featuring (as they say) the hipster hairy Brent DeBoer from Dandy Warhols.

Their witty agency blurb describes them as ‘a psychedelic folk band from Melbourne Australia … like Spiritualized being baptised in a river of Creedence Clearwater’ and that pretty much covers it from my point of view. Made up of Brent DeBoer (guitar/vocals), Bob Harrow (guitar/vocals), Peter Lubulwa (keys/vocals), Ben Street (bass) and Paddy McGrath-Lester (drums) the album is a beguiling, trippy affair with a lovely spacey production, chiming guitars and a devil-may-care vibe with hooks aplenty.

It would have been ideal fare for those Californian roads of the summer past, now receding into memory, but in its own way this pulls a summery laid-back remnant from the encroaching autumn chills. The low sun through the window and these warming tracks help me pretend for a while that everything is Ok and its not just the central heating keeping me toasty.

Although their imminent US tour may be scant benefit to us here in old Blighty, the whole album can be streamed and enjoyed from their Soundcloud pages so give it a listen and bask in the trippy glow of a disappearing summer.


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